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September 13, 2012


Dad & Mom

Funny story but next time we want to see the mud-covered Ryan. Sounds like fun. Do you happen to carry nunchucks with you?? (Inside story, folks). Have fun, be careful, & be home before dark. Mom

Chris Johnson

The locals must find you a curious man. You have certainly ventured on the trail less traveled, continue.

Sheridan Atwood

Hi There...was just on the web Googling Hansup Apts to try to figure out my new address here so that I could map my way to a bike shop, if I can find one, and here you are!

I have just joined Connie (Anderson-Atwood) and am trying to navigate my way around without a language base. Currently I am too ill to bike but wanted to get out and look anyway, so that when this bronchitis leaves I can get out for rides.

Can you tell me my address here at Hansup apartments and do you know where I can go to buy a bike without buying a heavy monster but not spending as much as a used car? I was hoping to find the KAIST bike shop. I will do mapquest if I can find my own address. Connie doesn't even use this address, so doesn't know it!

Hoping to meet you...

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