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January 21, 2008


Mom and Dad

Dina, Dina, what a great opportunity for you! We're so pleased that you got to go and experience all of the excitement! We're proud of you that you went! Not sure I would be brave enough to venture out like that. Love you, Sweetie........Mom and Dad Roberts

chris j

This is getting a little scary-first you leave the country-now you are writing blogs???!!! The memories I have of Jakarta are the affluent areas of the city that had slums only one street away, the nasty smells of the open sewers, the insane traffic and the armed military at the airport-troubling for a hick from Idaho. I was kind of glad to get out of there. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay-we could use a little warm here too.


Nice job on your first blog! The weather alone sounds worth the trip. :)

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