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January 07, 2008


Mom and Dad

Oh Ryan, You ARE graceful!! Wow!! I've always known you were like a feather just floating here and there!! My son..............how proud I am!! Mom :0)


Greetings from this side of the world (whichever side this is). It is good to have you in our class. I'm looking forward to the wonderful perspective that you'll bring.

Mike Loween

that was a graceful spin. such talent and i never knew... enjoy the rest of your time off!


Wow Rye!!! I think you are lucky that wall was only 5 feet away or it may have been quite a finish :). Looks like alot of fun though. big rink.


hi-my computer is up and running but i am unsure who to get all of my files-so i am still very limited?????? you all are looking good-happy birthday dina-thanks for the christmas $$$$ and happy new year!!! love ya

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