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May 16, 2007


aunt kt

this year has flown by!!!


HI Ryan, Dina, and Girls,

Boy, I loved this one Ryan! It's just how I feel! Time is going by oh so fast! I get stressed about it and then I catch myself and pray that I will just enjoy it all!! Jace just turned 13 this week and of course we can't believe it! He and Randy went to McCall to have a neat Father/Son time to celebrate his 13th and becoming a teenager! They went on a Jet Boat ride on the Salmon River today in Riggins. They said it was beautiful and so neat. Also this week, Randy and I work in the 5th and 6th grade dept. at church, and we are sending the 6th graders to the Teen group next Sunday and so we wrote them a good bye letter. UGH! I'm telling you, so many of these kids I held and rocked in the Nursery at this church and now I'm sending them to the Teen Group! Time flies! Thank you for your words! It's so great to keep tabs on you all! We really miss you all! Love, Jackie Ü

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