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August 30, 2006



I would stop there over a city any time. I wonder if they have certain hours and late at night you just go to the bathroom there. HUM?


These rest stops are 24 hour facilities. The busiest times are 6 pm to 6 am.

Melanie Quast

Hello Roberts' family! I have had a great time reading about your adventures tonight. The pictures are fantastic. Who would have thought rest areas would become such an attraction. The squatty potty looks rather interesting. I hope school is still going well for all of you. We are in full swing at Hunter with close to 900 kids. I believe the kindergarten has around 29 in a class!
I look forward to reading more about your new life in Korea. Good Luck!

Brian Lavender

I wonder if Idaho is ready for squid jerky?


Hi Ryan and Dina and Becca and Sarah,

Wow it looks like you are having a great time!!? So girls hows homework in Korea? Is it more fun than in Idaho? Ü We think about you guys all the time! Thanks for filling us in, it's so fun to read!!

Love, JackieÜ


I don't think I would be scared to stop at any of your rest areas. Our rest areas don't have running water. They are nothing but a brown out house on the side of the road.
love ya

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